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What is Zero-Touch Setup?

All organisations routinely purchase, re-purpose and set up new devices. Smaller organisations may do this infrequently, whereas larger ones with higher staff numbers and churn will purchase or re-purpose existing devices very frequently.

Zero-Touch Setup is a system where devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones being issued to your staff will automatically complete the vast majority of their setup straight out of the box. We use a central system called an MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform to define your setup policies, then your devices talk to the MDM to self-configure in line with those policies.

Under this system, the devices literally require zero touches (or at least minimal) by an IT person or a staff member to get them ready to work. This might include pre-installing business-critical apps, data, security settings, custom wallpaper and web shortcuts.

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Why use Zero-Touch Setup?

Regardless of organisation size, it’s vital to define a standard protocol for the setup of devices. This provides a consistent IT experience for users, while also ensuring all devices are aligned with modern security best practices and your own usage policies.

Smaller organisations can be inconsistent with device setup, as they do it infrequently and usually do not have a well-defined protocol. Equally, larger organisations with a higher frequency of device setup will spend more time on setup work and will be more prone to making manual device setup errors or omissions. In the case of failing to set the correct security parameters, this could become very costly down the line.

Direct Benefits of Zero-Touch Deployment

By using your MDM (Mobile Device Management) system to implement a Zero-Touch Setup policy, you will benefit from:

  • Quick staff onboardingDevice provisioning for new staff members is very fast indeed and less prone to omissions or errors.
  • Better securityAll devices receive and maintain current security policies and settings, and devices are only provisioned with the apps needed to serve their purpose.
  • Remote deploymentRemote workers can be directly shipped new devices which will auto-configure on first boot, there is no need to handle devices through an IT department or head office for setup.
  • Auto-Bespoke setupsEach job role can be defined with its own set of apps and tools, ensuring different staff or departments only receive the relevant apps and licences automatically.
  • Reduced downtimeIt’s far quicker to borrow, wipe and re-provision spare or unused devices if another device has a hardware failure.
  • Increased flexibilityYou can easily deploy shared devices in a hotdesk setup, as Zero-Touch Setup can configure them on-the-fly to meet individual user needs.
  • Greater consistencyDevices receive and maintain consistent and predictable appearance and functions, making it easier for staff to help each other.
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To implement Zero-Touch Setup we will:

Define your job roles or departments, as it relates to IT requirements
Identify which devices are used by each job role (including any shared / spare devices)
Define the app requirements for those job roles
Define the security policy requirements for those job roles, considering if users work remote and/or use personal devices
Configure the required setup policies and apply to the relevant device and user groups
Set up Apple Business Manager so brand-new devices arrive ready to use Zero-Touch

Does our Zero-Touch Deployment service sound right for you?

If you are interested in Zero-Touch Deployment for your business, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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