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Achieve Password Zen with Purple.

We organise & secure your online account passwords for you.

You lock them up with a single password, which only you know.

And breathe.

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Everybody has hundreds of passwords to remember. Maybe you write them in a little black book of passwords which lives in the drawer. How about your diary? Perhaps a Post-It note on your desk. Some people use the Notes app on their phone. Or (if you’re fancy) they go into a spreadsheet.

Then, you have the deep, personal drama of choosing a password when signing up for something. A pet, a phone number, a loved one’s name, a date of birth perhaps? Screw it, I’ll just use the password I always use. Oh, it needs a special character…I’ll put an exclamation mark at the end! Suppose I had better capitalise the first letter, too.

Setting and storing passwords like this is really, really insecure.

How Many Of These Online Accounts Do You Have?

Online Banking
Apple ID / iCloud / iTunes Store Account
BBC iPlayer / ITV Hub / All4
Gmail / Hotmail
Supermarket Home Delivery

Hundreds Of Passwords

You have most of these, right? And we don’t even know who you are. So we just scraped the surface. Most people have upwards of 100 different online accounts, as many as 400 or more in a household.

Now, be honest… how many of these passwords are the same, or very similar to each other?

Many of the passwords used will be identical, or variants on a theme, such as slightly different numbers at the end or different capital letters.

Needless to say passwords are annoying, so most of us re-use very predictable passwords. As a result, we are all at serious risk of fraud and ID theft.

PurplePass To The Rescue

At Purple, we talk to a lot of people about their passwords, every single day.

We realised that nobody really has the time or experience to properly get a grip on their online life and password management. There’s no avoiding it, the job requires some good old-fashioned elbow grease and a lot of human input.

So, why not hire a Purple engineer for the day, to get you back on track?

Don't Forget...

You might think really secure services like online banking are unlikely to get hacked. Remember – a breach of any other online account you hold, using the same password, puts your bank account at risk.

Our experienced IT engineers will sort it out for you:

Check all your critical passwords for quality and uniqueness
Scan the dark web to check if your password has ever been hacked (Read More)
Change any insecure passwords to more secure values
Set up a password manager app to store and auto-fill your new secure passwords (Read More)
Set up multi-factor authentication to protect against email scams (Read More)
Get you to choose a single master password, private to you, to secure everything
Provide basic training for the password manager app so you can manage your own passwords securely in future

How Does It Work?

A Purple engineer will be assigned to you for up to one full working day.

  • All services are provided remotely
  • We can video call, so you can see us for confidence, or just a traditional phone call is fine too
  • We’ll complete all the listed services above, as standard
  • Our engineer will gather, tidy up and secure all your passwords
  • With your help, we’ll identify and secure as many of your online accounts as possible in the time
  • Priority will be given to anything financial, or where there is signifiant ID Theft risk e.g social media
  • You will be shown how to use the password manager app to maintain good practice in future, stay tidy and in control
  • Finally, you will set a unique Master Password which secures everything and is only known to you
  • Crucially, the Purple engineer will NOT know the Master Password, thus securing your new passwords

What Does It Cost?

The cost of cyber crime in the UK is estimated to be £3.1billion per year. That’s over £100 for every single UK household, every year!

Of course, not everybody is caught out every year, so individual incidents usually run into the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds. We’ve all heard the stories – pensions being stolen, bank transfers being fraudulently misdirected, house deposits being lost.

All of this stems back to poor password management, and usually all roads lead to an email account being compromised.

We want this service to be available to as many people as possible. For that reason we have one affordable price for home and business, including the option to spread the cost with PayPal Credit interest free for 4 months if you qualify.

A small, one time investment of a few hundred pounds could, quite literally, save your life savings.

PurplePass Pricing

It couldn’t be simpler.

We charge £399 inc. VAT, that’s your Purple engineer for the day, and includes a year’s subscription to the 1Password password manager app.

After 12 months you only need to renew the password manager app for £49 a year. This is paid directly to 1Password so you can of course change your preferred password manager app at any time in future if a better one becomes available.

Pay & Book

Pay now with PayPal or Credit/Debit card using the buttons below.

We’ll authorise the payment but nothing will be debited until the work is complete.

You’ll be redirected back here to confirm the payment authorisation, and to select a convenient day for the work. We will also get in touch within 1 working day to confirm all the details.



Real-Time Feedback

When we solve a support ticket, clients are given the choice of leaving good or bad feedback along with an optional comment. We post the 10 most recent comments here automatically and in real-time. You can view even more on our reviews page.

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Aug 6th Matt H Very quick resolution, thanks.
Jul 31st peterga... Got objective advice & price comparisons with recommendations for courses if action. All swift & courteous - building trust. Very good service
Jul 28th Simon K brilliant excution - as ever
Jul 24th SCMS F Issue resolved in a very efficient and effective manner
Jul 16th Ros W Quick and spot on!
Jul 8th Roger F Thanks Joe really helpful today , need to do a bit more self help but at least I have a bit of direction Roger
Jul 3rd Sally & Quick and efficient resolution - Thank you Lochie
Jul 2nd Lindsay P Thanks - all you need in one phone call. Reassurance you're not an idiot, quick fixing of glitches and totally professional service....
Jul 2nd Emily C Quick and efficient service as always, thank you
Jun 18th Alexandra N As always, the team at Purple are knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with.