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Are your details being sold on the dark web?

We automatically monitor the dark web for your data being bought, sold or distributed.

Then, we stop it becoming a problem.


Every day, hackers attempt to breach the secure systems of internet retailers, service providers, social media platforms and websites.

Yahoo, Facebook, Capital One, Uber, Evernote, Apple. The list goes on – all have suffered major data breaches in recent years, resulting in millions of personal and business data records being exposed to hackers.

There is a significant chance your details and passwords are available on the dark web.

Dar spider web representing the dark web accessed by Tor browser and used by hackers

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web is a series of websites and online services which are hidden from conventional search engines like Google or Bing.

A special web browser is required to access it, called TOR (“The Onion Router”). Like the layers of an onion, your visit to the dark web is routed through hundreds of layers of anonymous ‘proxy’ servers. This has the effect of completely anonymising you.

Not surprisingly, anonymity leads to criminal activity and a significant percentage of the dark web is committed to illegal activities including the distribution of stolen data or goods.

Dark Web Monitoring Service

PurpleID uses unique software to securely trawl the dark web for your details being bought, sold or distributed.

We actively search for your business domain name (@mycompany.com) to pick up any of your data which has been breached recently or in the past.

Our scanner picks up all kinds of data, but most crucially any exposed credit card numbers, passwords and personally identifiable details suitable for ID theft. Even if a card has been stopped, remember that the card number itself can still be used to fraudulently verify your identity for a wide range of online accounts.

Once a scan is complete, we review the results and start securing any account logins or other details which are in circulation.

I'm Worried About My Data

Get in touch for a free dark web monitoring scan and check whether you have suffered a data breach, listing any compromised accounts or data in need of urgent attention.

PurpleID - What You Get:

An instant, real-time scan of the dark web for your business domain name
A full report of all data breaches and personal details which were found
Record of any credit cards or compromised passwords so you know what to change
The source of the data breach, where applicable
Purple advice and support to secure any compromised accounts and prevent them becoming compromised again
Continuous monitoring of millions of sources for instant alerting of future data breaches

How Does It Work?

  • Fill out our form to request a free scan of your business domain(s)
  • (There is no obligation to buy anything and we will NOT keep bothering you afterwards)
  • If results are found, we’ll advise what was detected and how you might think about fixing it
  • You can optionally subscribe to the service for ongoing, active monitoring of your domains for early warning of any breaches
  • Combine routine dark web monitoring with our phishing service and personal password management for added security

What Does It Cost?

The cost of cyber crime in the UK is estimated to be £3.1billion per year. That’s over £100 for every single UK household, every year!

Of course, not everybody is caught out every year, so individual incidents usually run into the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds. We’ve all heard the stories – pensions being stolen, bank payments being fraudulently misdirected, house deposits being lost, fake invoices being paid.

Potentially save your business tens of thousands with a simple, routine scan.


PurpleID Pricing

  • Your first scan is FREE to demonstrate just how effective and vital this tool is
  • Ongoing live monitoring costs just £50/mo for your entire company domain name, that covers every person and every email address
  • Take out a support agreement with us or pay ad-hoc to mitigate any existing or new data breaches

Book Now

Use our online form below to book your FREE dark web scan at a time to suit you.


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