Referral Program Terms & Conditions | Purple Computing IT Support
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  1. Your Account
    1. The referrer (or their organisation) must have an active monthly support contract with Purple Computing to be able to make a referral.
    2. The referrer’s account must be in good order with all due invoices paid in full.
  2. Eligibility
    1. The reward is only available when a new customer engages Purple’s services for the first time.
    2. New customers are identified as being unique, separate individuals or organisations, who each pay for Purple’s services separately.
    3. To receive your reward as a referrer, the referred party must:
      1. Either:
        1. Sign up to a minimum 3-month support contract with Purple, OR
        2. Spend at least £1,000 in project work if a support contract is unsuitable
      2. Pay the balance of their project completion invoice on time
      3. Pay the balance of their first month’s support retainer on time
  3. Data Protection
    1. In supplying referral contact information to Purple Computing, the referrer guarantees they have received the referee’s permission to make the introduction
    2. When following up an enquiry, Purple Computing will reference the referrer as the source of the enquiry
  4. Referral Reward Value
    1. Support Retainer Discount
      1. The party being referred will receive a 20% discount for the duration of their support agreement’s agreed minimum term.
        1. A minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months will apply to this discount.
      2. The referring party will receive a discount of the same value applied to their own monthly support agreement, for the same duration.
        1. The referring party may claim a maximum discount no greater than value of their current monthly support retainer.
    2. Project Discount
      1. If the referred party requires any project work to be undertaken in addition to the support agreement, additional discount shall be offered as follows:
        1. The referred party will receive a 10% discount on any agreed labour within their first project proposal, if that project labour is approved on the same proposal as a new support agreement.
        2. The referring party will receive a credit note of the same value, to be redeemed towards any future invoices from Purple.
  5. Exceptions
    1. Purple Computing reserve the right to refuse referrals on any grounds.
    2. Purple Computing also reserves the right to adjust, suspend or stop the referral scheme at any time and without notice.


As an existing customer, you refer a new customer to Purple. They accept a proposal for:

  • £1500 in one-off project work
  • £300 per month in support and maintenance fees for 12 months

You will receive:

  • £60 a month off your current support agreement for 12 months

(or free support for 12 months, if you currently spend less than £60/mo)

  • A further £150 credit to apply to your next invoice(s)

Your referee will receive:

  • £150 (10%) off their project labour
  • £60 (20%) a month off their support and maintenance fees for 12 months

Total value to both parties: £870 each

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Real-Time Feedback

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Date Name Comments
Mar 30th Ed P The Purple Computing team were very assertive and timely in their help when we needed it to meet a tight deadline. We couldn't have achieved what we wanted without their patience and support and forever appreciate what they do for our business.
Mar 29th Garry H Issue sorted very quickly and efficiently
Mar 28th Sally T I'm not sure what the problem was, but when I took my computer to somewhere with stronger internet it updated and sorted itself out
Mar 24th Esther W Jack was excellent!
Mar 23rd Aimee M Hi Dean was brilliant very patient and helpful. The problem is now resolved.
Mar 23rd Lorna S Fast, great!
Mar 23rd Craig L Good service as per usual.
Mar 22nd Caroline W Extremely quick response, friendly and helpful! Thanks so much!
Mar 21st Mark H Really timely response - around 5 minutes after request submitted. Solved just as quick - apparently an old bug that Lochie was aware of and had the fix for so back up & running in 5 minutes. Great support, thank you Purple
Mar 21st Sally T Really fast reassuring service - thank you