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What is OS & App Management and why is it Important?

App or Patch Management is the process of becoming aware of, and applying, the latest software updates to your Operating System (OS) and Applications (Apps) across your organisation’s devices.

The Operating System (OS) of your device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer, is instrumental in keeping your device reliable and secure.

As with all software, your OS must respond to the latest online threats and adapt to the changing usage patterns of its users, so an OS will routinely be updated several times per year, with a combination of new features and security fixes. Similarly, the apps you use on your device will also receive similar, frequent updates. Commonly, these updates fix unreliable behaviour in the app, or respond to security loopholes in the application’s code.

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Issues with Keeping Operating Systems and Apps Updated

  1. Volume – For organisations with even a relatively small number of devices, each one will have an OS and the majority will have around 10 to 20 apps in regular use. Even with just 10 devices deployed, that might well be 200 potential update points to manage. If those apps are updated by their developers a modest estimate of 6 times per year, that’s as many as 1200 updates per year which need to be executed in an organisation of just 10 devices.
  2. Awareness and oversight – Without a tool to report on the software your devices have installed, or a set of policies to define which apps are allowed in your organisation, it is very laborious if not practically impossible to work out which apps need updating and which ones have done so automatically (or not).
  3. It’s not universal – Since many apps use their own bespoke update mechanism, there is no universal protocol for apps or operating systems to reliably send alerts about failed updates. Computer apps in particular can be installed in many different ways, some of which are better at automatically updating than others.

The Solution? Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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Routine Check-In

Your devices will routinely check-in with the MDM, which will ask them to report their current list of installed software and the version numbers.

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Automatically Updated

For software which is installed and managed using the MDM itself (typically as part of a Zero-Touch Setup environment), in most cases the MDM will automatically update the OS and its applications.

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Third Party Apps

Our MDM solution can apply updates not only to App Store apps, but also to a large and growing number of additional third party apps as well. The MDM system hosts the installers and will keep your devices up-to-date whenever a new release becomes available.


Covering ALL Software

For software which cannot be directly managed by the MDM but is nonetheless distributed by the MDM, Purple will receive an alert for any new releases. Then, we will update the installer package within your MDM environment so that all devices receive the latest version of that app.

In Implementing the OS and application management system we will:

Agree a major OS version for all your devices
Set up an agreed maintenance window once per week when automatic OS updates will be attempted, then communicate this to your end users
Identify unmanaged apps and set up a proactive update notification protocol
Bring all device operating systems and apps up to date
Agree a frequency of patch management checks - The stricter compliance standards will require checks as often as every 2 weeks
Perform a manual check and provide a report at the desired frequency Where available, update and deploy the manually-managed installer packages
Remediate any failed automatic updates
Where available, update and deploy the manually-managed installer packages

Does our OS and App Patch Management service sound right for you?

If you are interested in OS and Application Patch Management for your business, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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