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IT System Audit and Documentation

Computing and communications are vital for your organization, but the dynamic and complex nature of IT can make it challenging for decision-makers to ensure security, data integrity, and efficient internal processes.

Unlike many competitors, we invest in IT Glue, an industry-leading documentation platform. This software lets us define and connect all elements of your IT environment and streamline processes like staff onboarding and offboarding, ensuring consistent compliance and operational efficiency.

We understand the responsibility of safeguarding your data, and IT Glue’s SOC2 compliance ensures every action is logged, providing transparency. You retain access to your data, and we offer a downloadable PDF of your IT system and passwords for seamless transitions or disaster recovery, always respecting your data ownership.

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Onboarding and Support

In our pursuit of optimising our support services, we strongly recommend a comprehensive onboarding session for new customers before initiating our partnership. During this process, our skilled engineers will personally visit your premises, conducting an exhaustive inventory assessment, system audit, and password management exercise. This meticulous approach ensures that we can provide you with effective support right from the very beginning. Subsequently, we provide you with access to this invaluable data within the IT Glue platform. If deemed appropriate, we can also grant restricted access to specific data for designated members of your organisation, further enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

What Do We Record?

Every time we interact or assist with your IT systems, we will ensure our documentation is updated with the relevant information, passwords, account details or processes to action your request even more smoothly next time. You can even refer to the documentation yourself, to remind yourself of a password or a process that we have logged for you. We record all of the following where applicable and much more:

  • Photos
  • Remote working process
  • Staff details
  • Network diagrams
  • Microsoft 365/Google config
  • Devices
  • Email service details
  • Device configuration backups
  • Domain names
  • Shared file permissions
  • 3rd party supplier details
  • Account and device passwords
  • Onboarding and offboarding process
  • Wi-Fi configuration
  • Internet service details
  • Software configurations
  • Phone service configurations
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Does our System Audit and Onboarding service sound right for you?

If you are interested in System Audit and Onboarding for your business, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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Real-Time Feedback

When we solve a support ticket, clients are given the choice of leaving good or bad feedback along with an optional comment. We post the 10 most recent comments here automatically and in real-time. You can view even more on our reviews page.

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Feb 22nd Claudia C Purple saved the day again! Thanks to Lochie and Jack for getting our files back! Phew! Tremendous support.
Feb 15th Caroline P Lochie dealt with the support ticket quickly and efficiently, very satisfied. Thank you
Feb 15th Matt C Incredible support from Lochie over the last couple of days. Excellent help, super nice, and always available. THANK YOU
Feb 15th Matt B Thanks Dean!
Feb 12th Steve B Amazing support with quick response as always. Thanks
Feb 7th Adam P Totally amazing !
Feb 6th Kate Q Thankyou!
Jan 31st Adam P Unbelievably fast response. Thank you
Jan 29th Bill S fabulous, from dean in toronto
Jan 25th Freddie C Excellent support and service as always!