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What Is Device Security Compliance?

Cyber security is rightly top of the agenda for many organisation owners.

Device Security Compliance ensures that all the smartphones, tablets and computers in your organisation are following the latest best-practices and security recommendations, to minimise your risk of becoming a victim of today’s cyber threats.

Most of us will know somebody who has fallen victim to an online or email-based identity or financial fraud. Such events are distressing for individuals, they also tend to be significantly more widespread and hugely costly for businesses or larger organisations, where financial transactions in the tens or hundreds of thousands are far more common. Your organisation is also likely to hold significant personal details of many of its customers.

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What Are The Challenges?

New threats and weaknesses emerge every day. It pays to have a modern, capable antivirus system in place which uses knowledge of global networks to quickly identify and block new threats.

However, it’s also important to have a tool which monitors, enables and reliably enforces the hundreds of possible security settings permutations on your devices as a second line of defence. This is often overlooked and is distinct from antivirus, which only mitigates active threats once you come into contact with them, and even then, only if it is already capable of recognising the threat.

Even in a smaller organisation, it is time consuming and error-prone to manually check the security settings of your devices periodically. A small organisation of 5 people is likely to have at least 15 separate devices to keep track of, once you allow for computers, servers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Even then, you must actively check the latest best practices and keep up-to-date with new features (and therefore potential security risks) across all your devices’ operating systems. In most organisations, this is completely impractical, and there is neither the time nor the budget to do this properly.

How Purple Can Improve Your Device Security Compliance

Fortunately, through use of our recommended MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform, device compliance monitoring and hardening against current threats is comparatively easy.

Our MDM is aware of all the capabilities of your device operating systems, including new features. As such, you can define what your devices can and cannot do (either in line with your own internal policies or external compliance requirements).

Your devices check in periodically and report their current settings. The system will then continuously check and enforce the necessary policies, apply new ones as required, and in many cases will automatically remediate any non-compliant devices by changing the settings back to what they should be.

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Advantages And Opportunities

  • Lower Cyber Risk – Enjoy peace of mind that all your company devices, onsite or remote, have the best possible security configuration.
  • Insurance Compliance – Demonstrate you are adhering to modern cyber best practices to ensure if the worst does happen, your Cyber Insurance policy remains valid.
  • Better IT Oversight – One online dashboard to monitor and check the current compliance status of your devices, ideal for speeding through audits.
  • Reduced Administration – Vastly simplify your protocols for checking and maintaining device security compliance.
  • Lower Staff or IT Costs – More automatic remediation and less time spent checking devices means that your IT time and cost for remediation goes down, whether that’s outsourced or in-house.
  • Faster Accreditation – Improve your organisation’s professional profile by easily achieving and maintaining Cyber Essentials or similar accreditations.

To Implement Device Security Compliance We Will:

Identify which compliance standards you are targeting (if any) and/or identify a basic set of best practices
Ensure all devices are visible and managed by the MDM system
Install an Antivirus application to monitor for active threats and periodically scan your system
Configure the necessary policies to meet your compliance goalss
Document any specific decisions or overrides from the standard baseline that have been agreed, for operational reasons
Help to communicate the applied policies to your staff, as required
Apply the policies to a test group of devices to ensure there is no interference with day to day operations
Apply the tested policies to the whole IT estate
Set up alerts to notify of any non-compliance devices for quick remediation
Prepare a quarterly report

Does our Device Security Compliance service sound right for you?

If you are interested in Device Security Compliance for your business, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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