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What is 1Password?

1Password is a password management app, which makes it easy to use complex, unique passwords for all your online services. Users need only remember 1 master password, to unlock the hundreds or thousands of passwords to online accounts and services across your organisation.

1Password can also be used to securely store and share credit cards, private notes, documents and other sensitive documentation in a fully encrypted keychain.

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The Trouble with Passwords

We all know how hard it is to keep track of many hundreds of account usernames and passwords. The account providers themselves often have differing password complexity requirements, or may force you to change your password periodically.

Although using the same password for all your services seems like the convenient choice, the common password inevitably diverges over time due to the different complexity requirements of the account providers. So, repeated attempts at guessing the correct variant of your common password results in frustration, wasted time, failed login attempts and eventually account lockouts.

Worse still, if your common password becomes compromised then your accounts using the same password are immediately compromised, too. This might happen any number of ways, such as a security breach with the service provider, device theft, an email scam, a computer virus or simply entrusting the password to too many people.

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Business Password Challenges

For organisations, 1Password is team-aware. You can set up multiple users and departments in your organisation and share the relevant passwords to each team or individual. Take direct control over who can access your social media, Amazon account, online banking and more. Full auditing of password access will also aid compliance with many common security and compliance standards.

For modern accounts with two-factor authentication, it can also be difficult for genuine users in your team (with valid permission) to generate the necessary one-time passcodes to log in. Commonly these are tied to an individual’s mobile phone or authenticator app. 1Password can replace this, allowing multiple authorised users to generate valid one-time login codes on-demand.

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Official 1Password Partner

What Purple Computing being a 1Password Partner means for you:

  • Access to the 1Password API means we can collaborate with their product team to integrate design, or co-develop personalised solutions
  • Extra training and resources allows our engineers to provide the best setup and implementation service
  • We work closely with our Partner Manager to offer extra support to businesses, and resolve any issues faster
  • We are able to purchase 10+ Teams licenses if it suits your business
  • We have access to special discounts or offers during promotions
  • Partners can help co-manage your account
  • We can include or bundle 1Password in with other services we offer you

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Key Benefits of 1Password

Higher Productivity

Enjoy the instant convenience of auto-fill for passwords in your online accounts, and spend less time hunting for and resetting forgotten passwords

Better Password Security

Your password manager remembers it so you don't have to, allowing you to set long, complex and unique passwords which are impossible to guess

Identify Duplicate or Breached Accounts

1Password will warn you of re-used passwords, and flag up when a major data breach has been reported so you can change the affected account login details

Share One-Time Passcodes

Allow multiple authorised people to generate valid login passcodes to your sensitive online services

Securely Share Passwords with Colleagues

Use 1Password to grant permission to view passwords to individuals and departments on a need-to-know basis

Instantly Audit your Password Sharing

See immediately who has access to which passwords in your organisation, minimising the effort needed to bulk-reset passwords in the event of a dispute or rogue staff member

Secure your Business with 1Password

Generate strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, then log in with a tap or a click.
Store anything from logins to SSH keys to sensitive documents, then access it all on any device.
Share anything in 1Password securely – even if the recipient isn't a 1Password customer.
Unlock via Single Sign-On to eliminate account passwords and log in with your SSO provider.
Get a bird's-eye view of your company's security health from one easy-to-read dashboard.
Whether your have a security team or just one admin, give them the granular controls, ease of use, and visibility they need to keep your business protected.

Does 1Password password manager sound right for you?

If you are interested in utilising 1Password for your business, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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