Business IT solutions, site visits and remote support

Apple Business Devices

Purple Computing works with a wide variety of businesses in many industries:

  • PR
  • Graphics and Media
  • Retail
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Marine
  • …and some which cannot be categorised!

The Apple product range is finding its way into just about every sector of UK business.


Outsourcing your IT service is a perfect solution for small businesses of fewer than 20 staff who cannot afford a full time computer expert on the payroll.

In fact, outsourcing to our expert team often works out to be a cost-effective solution for larger companies too. It provides you with on-demand support with no holiday or sick leave to think about, so you never find yourself having a meltdown with your “IT guru” away on leave.


Our ethos is to listen, recommend and deliver the products and services you actually need, all in plain English. Our skills are certified by Apple, but we are otherwise independent, selling only our expertise rather than hardware and software. Where applicable, we ourselves often use the very same solutions that we recommend to our clients.


Our engineers are highly experienced in working with in-house IT teams, where your own staff just need a little extra support to look after your Apple assets.

Many of our clients use our services to guide their in-house support teams when deploying iPhone and iPad devices, and Macs, into existing Windows Server network infrastructures. We can also provide end-user support directly to your Apple-based staff.


We consider your computer to be very much like your car – it usually works, but will go wrong from time to time and needs regular maintenance. However, many of us ‘drive’ our computers for 25+ hours per week. That’s the equivalent of driving a car 50,000 miles a year! So…things will go wrong, no matter how perfect the setup.

Like your car, fixing small problems as they arise is far more efficient than waiting for a breakdown. For this reason, we provide most of our day-to-day support services on an unlimited basis, with a fixed fee for the year. This helps to build a positive relationship with our clients, encouraging you to use our IT service proactively, rather than perceiving computer problems as an ongoing negative and costly experience.

Compared with a typical per-hour billing structure, our fixed price support system also simplifies administration and budgeting for everybody.


Purple Computing After an initial, free consultation at your place of work (or local Apple Retail Store), we supply a full written proposal and quotation to meet your requirements, with no obligation.
After a few amendments and subject to reaching an agreement, we proceed to take care of the installation, integration, training and support of the services specified.