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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs answer some common questions about who we are and how we operate.¬†We want you to be totally confident before contacting us that we’re just what your business needs.

Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with all our customers.

Your success is our success.

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Why should I choose Purple?
  • We are an accredited member of the Apple Consultants Network
  • Our response times are among the best in the industry (according to our customer support platform, Zendesk)
  • We have superb Google Reviews
  • Our engineers have a hugely diverse range of IT experience
  • We’re friendly, approachable and explain things as clearly and simply as possible
  • Our customer retention is very high
  • We are well-established for over 10 years
  • We serve a wide spectrum of businesses and industries, so we’re uniquely placed to fully understand your precise needs
How much do you charge?

We have always tried to avoid per-hour billing, in favour of a fixed cost for a defined project specification.

Our Helpdesk service operates on an unlimited remote support basis, with the price set according to the number of users within your business. If a problem arises with an existing user, device or system, it will be put right inclusively in your contract with no additional labour charges – no matter how long it takes.

This incentivises us to maintain your systems, keeping downtime and niggles to a minimum. In return, you are guaranteed a fast response to any problems which do unavoidably crop up (courtesy of our broad team of engineers), ensuring your staff and business remains on-task and as productive as possible.

Configuration work involving new staff, new devices and new systems is chargeable at a fixed price, by quotation, in addition to your support contact. This is simply because we cannot influence the changing dynamics of your business. We can however influence reliability, which is why we offer unlimited remote support for all existing systems as standard.

All projects are costed on a fixed-price basis so we shoulder the risk in terms of the time required to complete.

Do you charge for consultations?

Absolutely not.

If you are a new business customer with IT requirements which correspond with our service offering, we will gladly send an engineer to you for a free initial system audit, consultation and written proposal with quotation.

There’s no hard sell, no obligation and we won’t hassle you forevermore with sales calls – we may just follow up a handful of times if we don’t hear back from you, one way or the other.

Do you also support non-Apple stuff such as Windows PCs?

Absolutely yes.

Our specialism is Apple hardware, but Apple kit does not operate in a bubble. No business or individual can use Apple equipment without good network infrastructure, peripherals and software to meet their needs.

Likewise, many businesses have specific software requirements which can only be served by a Windows PC or equivalent.

Our team of engineers have a diverse range of skills across multiple vendors and manufacturers. Although the majority of our client base use Macs, almost every one of our clients has one or more Windows PCs somewhere in the environment. Many of our clients use Macs within in a wider Windows Server environment, such as schools or design sub-teams in larger organisations.

We of course have to support all makes of printer, scanner and commonly used peripherals.

So – we are the Apple specialists, but in many cases our clients have found Purple to be uniquely positioned as the IT provider who isn’t afraid to say “yes, we can” when complex requirements arise. We have often been approached by new clients whose existing provider refuses to reach beyond their comfort zone and put the business’ needs before their own.

If this sounds familiar, give us a call.


What industries do you work with?

Historically, Macs were the domain of designers. Nowadays, the Mac, iPhone and iPad have a large market share and we have clients in a hugely diverse range of industries.

We have multiple clients in each of the following industries, making Purple uniquely placed to make the best possible recommendations to your specific business – chances are we’ve seen it before, and we understand your needs based on our experience with similar clients:

  • Design & Print
  • Marine
  • Architecture
  • Retail and Online
  • Construction & Property
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Care
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Business Services
  • Video Production
  • Energy
  • Legal
  • Recruitment
  • Tourism
  • Charity
Why do you specialise in Apple products?

Many of our clients choose Apple products for their back-office and administrative functions, due to the low cost of ownership.

The hardware may be expensive, but residual values are exceptionally high and the vast reduction in downtime compared with the Windows environment (think viruses, malware, maintenance, updates) is highly tangible for most businesses using Apple hardware.

Where are you based?

We have regional ‘hubs’ in Toronto, Vaughan & Peel.

Our engineers are located across the region and variously work from home, client sites or our local offices. We also have a team of engineers in the UK providing us with extended working hours early in the mornings, for proactive maintenance.

The systems we use are entirely geared for collaborative remote working. This allows us to position a range of experienced engineers across the South and near to our clients, but also enjoy the benefits of a virtual ‘central office’ where we can collaborate on the helpdesk, project management and administrative parts of the business.

Can I drop in to see you?

Unfortunately not – the nature of Purple is that our engineers are on the road almost every day, so our office / helpdesk operation will change location daily depending on who is booked to go where.

Our regional hubs in Toronto, Vaughan & Peel are all virtual office facilities where we can gladly meet you by appointment, but mostly we will visit you directly at your place of work or at home.

Can you provide 24-hour service?

We currently offer support during standard working hours Monday to Friday, with some exceptions.

We do operate an out-of-hours service several days a week by appointment, where we can complete more fiddly or disruptive maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. Our job is to keep you productive, so this is a great way to ensure that more time-consuming issues can be dealt with outside of regular working hours – particularly if we need to conduct extensive testing on one or more of your staff workstations.

Customers requiring extended support hours are encouraged to call us to discuss their exact requirements, as arrangements can be made to accommodate. A bespoke support package can be proposed to cover your needs including a keyholder service for weekend support emergencies.

How should I contact you?

For existing clients we recommend emailing help@purplecomputing.com to raise a ticket, or call us on (416) 900 3694 if you are unable to email.

For new clients we recommend picking your nearest location on our Contact Pages and you can either call, email or fill out the enquiry form.

Accounts queries can be sent to accounts@purplecomputing.com

How big is your team?

We currently have a team of 7 core staff directly delivering our service, plus some additional partners who provide us with marketing and finance, accountancy and payroll services.

What is your minimum contract term?

New customers enter into a 24 month contract and we fix our prices over this period, dropping to a 12 month rolling contract thereafter.

Project work is quoted separately with no minimum terms applicable.

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Sep 20th Lynn H great service as always. many thanks
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Sep 14th Longcroft O Fantastic as usual, thank you Lochie.
Sep 14th Amanda H I hope the problem is solved. Sorry not to have been able to find another example of what went wrong. Definitely I can now get at the word document I was being blocked from. So, thanks for your prompt effective treatment!
Sep 13th Nigel B Very practical and quick advice that made resolving the issue very efficient
Sep 6th Alexandra O Very quick and solved the problem easily, thank you Jack.
Sep 5th Chris S another one solved....
Aug 23rd Adina I Brilliant, thank you very much!
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