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Fight back against phishing scams by running your own.

Test your staff with safe but realistic phishing emails sent randomly and routinely.

Our simulator will identify colleagues who were caught out, so you can provide targeted training.

Scam emails threaten your business finances and intellectual property:

  • Fake invoices
  • CEO payment fraud
  • False payment detail updates
  • Password harvesting

These common fraudulent email threats result in thousands of pounds being lost by businesses like yours every day. Train your staff to look out for scams with our Phishing Simulation training.


How Anti-Phishing Training Works

We send regular, random and realistic (but completely safe) phishing emails to all your staff.

The emails we send are templates using the same branding as your bank, or a commonly used online account. We can even send them to appear to come from ‘the boss’, making a fake request for payment to a supplier.

A report is generated identifying which colleagues were tricked into clicking the link, or (worse) entered any personal or account details. Then, you can perform targeted retraining to help staff become more vigilant and spot this kind of scam in the future, protecting your intellectual property and finances.

Benefits Of Anti-Phishing Training

Increase staff vigilance by routinely testing them with 'safe' internal phishing scams
Identify staff who are more prone to respond to scam emails
Help develop internal processes to reduce your chances of falling for a scam
Purple can simulate the most current and sophisticated phishing techniques
Training delivered on-the-job, direct to inboxes, with zero staff downtime
Practise makes perfect - expose staff to safe scam emails, and they will get better at spotting real ones
A huge variety of templates keeps the ongoing training current, fresh and relevant

Go Phishing Now

Contact us now to discuss deploying our phishing simulator service right away to stop the potential of your staff being scammed, and your business being affected.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is theĀ process of obtaining personal or financial information, using email or similar forms of internet-based communication.

The goal is to make a legitimate-looking request in order to trick the victim into sending money or personal details to a fraudster. A genuine-looking email is often the approach, using the branding of a well-known entity such as your bank, Amazon, PayPal, Google, Apple and so on.

When executed well, phishing emails are very convincing and rely on catching you off-guard. The email will prompt you to address a serious-looking ‘account issue’ or similar by logging into the account in question. The login form is fake however, so the login details get passed to a fraudster, and your account is then compromised.

In the case of (for instance) PayPal, a hacker could then send money anywhere they like. Amazon accounts could be used to make purchases with your money and shipped elsewhere. But even for less-serious breaches, a fraudster can harvest the information in your account to facilitate identity theft, or possibly to gain access to specific information which could make a subsequent, more lucrative scam more convincing. Or, your login details may simply be sold on the dark web to the highest bidder.

Phishing takes many forms and this is only one example. This is why it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve, and keep your staff trained and vigilant for the latest scams.

Scam Email: On The Front Line

Purple are at the forefront of monitoring and mitigating the latest phishing and financial frauds. Our diverse and substantial client base means that we see a variety of these attacks every week and how they evolve over time.

Regrettably, some clients have been caught out in the past and continue to be. The biggest issue with phishing is that social engineering plays a huge part. Any amount of security systems and antivirusĀ cannot stop a person being tricked into sending money to the wrong place.

With our special training and phishing simulator software, we can simulate the latest and best scams. This trains your team on-the-job, by periodically dropping ‘safe’ scam emails into their inboxes. You will notice increased vigilance and improved ability to spot the latest scam emails before they are interacted with. Our phishing simulator service requires zero time-out from the working day for formal training, and practise makes perfect.

Stop The Scams

Chat with us today and we’ll tell you more about our simulator service. Improve awareness, spot the latest scams and potentially save your business thousands.

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