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What is Tailscale Cloud VPN?

Tailscale is a modern VPN (Virtual Private Network) system which allows all your staff and devices to communicate securely and with ease.

Why is Tailscale better than traditional VPN?

Traditional VPNs required physical hardware to be maintained in an office, usually with a static IP address. Multiple offices would require multiple site-to-site VPN links, each with their own VPN hardware. Many such solutions were slow and unreliable.
Modern working practices incorporate flexible home and remote working, along with more portable devices. This means that work for your organisation can often happen anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Tailscale uses a peer-to-peer model of VPN, where any connected device can securely talk to any other device over an encrypted connection, without the need to send all traffic through a single device in a single office.
This gives much greater flexibility and reliability, as there is no longer a single point of failure in the VPN system. Therefore all other devices can continue to communicate even if one critical device drops out. Plus, performance is usually improved because the effort involved in encrypting and decrypting the data is shared more evenly across all devices on the network, and data can take a more direct route to its intended destination.

A More Reliable VPN

Tailscale is simple and effortless. The service handles complex network configuration on your behalf so that you don’t have to. Network connections between devices travel through firewalls and routers easily, allowing for direct connections without the need to manually configure port forwarding.

Crucially, it also handles connection migration without kicking you out. Existing connections to servers for example are better at staying connected, even when your device switches between different networks. For example you may be using a public WiFi in a coffee shop, then switch to using your 4G or 5G mobile data connection when you leave.

Furthermore, Tailscale’s intelligent DNS means your existing server shortcuts will always work, no matter where you are connected.

High Security

In addition to encrypting all your internet traffic and communications between your organisation’s devices, Tailscale can send all your traffic through a single device on your Tailscale network. This is called an Exit Node. This makes it appear as though all your company devices are using a single trusted IP address, no matter where they are located.

This creates a new layer of security on cloud platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, where you can prevent access to those platforms from devices using anything other than a single, trusted IP address. This has the effect of immediately blocking any access to those platforms by anybody who isn’t already logged into your secure Tailscale network.

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How Purple Can Help

With our provision of Tailscale VPN services, Purple makes it possible for your business to achieve and maintain a high standard of secure connectivity, no matter where you or your employees are based. Our expertise lies not only in the initial setup of the Tailscale VPN, but also in providing ongoing support to ensure your business operations continue unimpeded.

Additionally, Purple will help manage the complex task of scaling your network as your business grows. Tailscale’s zero-configuration networking simplifies networking issues, but its management can still be complex. Leave that to us. As your business evolves, we’ll ensure your network keeps pace, always offering optimal performance and security.

Ultimately, Purple’s commitment to offering Tailscale VPN services is about more than simply keeping your business connected; it’s about providing a service that facilitates your business’s growth and success. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our IT support will provide a tailored VPN solution that ensures security, scalability, and seamless connectivity.

To find out more on why you should choose Purple for your VPN service, click here.

Benefits To Tailscale VPN

Secure Remote Connections - All your organisation's devices can communicate securely over an encrypted connection, using any available internet access including public Wi-Fi networks.
Reliable, Fast Remote Access - Highly efficient and reliable remote connections which can tolerate changing network environments, perfect for highly mobile staff users.
Additional Security For Cloud Platforms: Lock down your cloud platforms to a single, trusted IP address to add an extra layer of security against brute-force password guessing and other cyber attacks.
Cyber Essentials And ISO27001 Compliance: Sending all organisational traffic over VPN on a single, trusted IP address is a requirement of many current security compliance standards.
No Additional Logins Required: TailScale only works with existing identity providers, so you can use your existing Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace passwords to sign into your VPN on any device - no configuration necessary.

Does our Tailscale VPN service sound right for your business?

If you are interested in our Tailscale VPN service, contact one of our experienced IT support team today to discuss how we can help you.

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