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Set Out of Office Replies (Vacation Response) in Office 365 / Exchange Online

Articles Set Out of Office Replies (Vacation Response) in Office 365 / Exchange Online
By Toby McConnell | Posted in Articles


When going on holiday or away from work for a period of time, it is common practice to set up an out of office on your email account. This is an automatic email response for anybody trying to contact you. Typically this will include the dates you expect to be away and who to contact instead if the email is urgent.

Method to Set Out of Office Replies

Here is how to set up an out of office auto reply (also called a Vacation Response) in Office 365’s Exchange Online service:

1. Sign into your Office 365 email account via https://outlook.office365.com
2. Click the Settings Cog icon in the top right.

Out of office auto reply. Settings screenshot.

3. Click on the ‘View all Outlook settings’ link at the bottom of the Settings sidebar
4. Select Email > Automatic replies, then turn on automatic replies using the switch icon (this will turn them on permanently)

Out of office auto reply. Automatic replies screenshot.

5. If you just want them to send during a set period of time, a week’s holiday for example, tick the box below “Send replies only during a time period” and enter the times and dates you want the replies to be sent between.

Note: you can set these to start way ahead in the future, if you know exactly when you’ll next be away from work.

6. There are two separate text boxes for the replies, depending on whether the recipient is within your organisation or external. You must complete both boxes for all senders (inside and outside) to receive your auto-reply.

7. You can edit the message in theĀ lower box if you want a different message to be sent to people outside of your organisation. Of course if you want it to be the same, simply copy and paste the same message from the upper box.

Out of office auto reply screenshot.

8. Finally, click on Save to make the changes live.
Following these steps should ensure that you have set up your out of office responses correctly. Finally if you’re going on holiday ensure that you have a great time!


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