Step 1 - Download the Installer

The Download should start automatically but if not please click here

Scroll down for more instructions

Step 2 - Start Installer


To start the installer please double click on the large purple icon

Step 3 - Downloaded Application Warning

If you see this warning you should just click on the Open button

Step 4 - Enter your password

After a few seconds you should be prompted to enter the password for the current user.

Type in your password and click on OK

Step 5 - Checking for administrator rights


If you are not an administrator you will be prompted for an administrator username and password


Step 6 - Identify your computer

Change the description to help us identify your computer, in most cases just adjusting the Company will be enough.

Step 7 - Wait

The installer and assignment processes will now run, you should see this show on the progress bar


The following popup window will appear which may obscure the rest of the progress so go ahead and click on OK

Step 8 - Installation Complete

Once you see this message please click OK and let us know.